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You have been such a wonderful influence on Caroline, her art work is lovely but even better she does it because she loves it. You nurtured her perspective and she gained confidence in her skills. It was a gift to a young girl who needed that support! And you made it FUN! Lynn

While we enjoy our new home, we still miss Aubrey's experiences in your wonderful art classes. Her skills and confidence soared under your instruction. Ryan

• I have to tell you... Gwen says that I have done 2 wonderful things in my life. First, I gave birth to her, and Second, I signed her up for art lessons! Isn't that great?! She loves it! Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Cindy

• Emmeline and Liam will both want to take art lessons in the fall. Also, they are looking forward to the camps this summer. Thanks for all you do! Emmeline says that art class is her "vacation", so we are so glad she has that bright spot in her week. Allison

• Thank you for all the wonderful instruction you have given Nora, we feel her skill as an artist have greatly improved. – Kim

• There are very few extracurriculars that Sam gets excited about going to and your art class has been a great success with him! Thanks for all your great teaching! – Chris

• They really love the class, Hua, and I'm so impressed by how much they have both learned. I see them using your techniques all the time, when they sketch flowers or draw animals or people. –Julie

• Elias would DEFINITELY like to continue with you in the fall. He is passionate about his art classes with you! So please keep a space open for us. – Cynthia

• We’ll definitely be signing up for art lessons for the fall. Anna loves working with you and Bill and I so value the peace and calm setting you provide for her to learn and grow. I don’t believe she told you about a special honor she recently received, which reflects back on you. One piece of student art was selected from each of the 5 or 6 Urbana elementary schools, to hang in the School Board building for the coming year. Anna’s piece was selected, of the whole school! She personally presented it to the school board a couple of weeks ago. I’ve attached a photo. Thank you again, so much, for giving her such pleasure in making art. – Rebecca

• The kids had a wonderful week. We are amazed at some of their paintings!! Thanks so much! – Kim and Matt

• I would like to sign up my son Hans for fall art classes. He attended your summer art camp (creature camp II) and loved it. He said he learned more about technique from his week with you than in any art class he has ever taken. Thank you! – Lisa

• Thank you for your work with Kaelen. I'm so happy that he still loves to draw and I am quite impressed with his work. He continues to enjoy your lessons. We are truly lucky to have you here - professionally and personally! – Carolyn

• We marvel every week at the wonderful work you enable the kids to do. You are amazing! Thank you. – Antoinette

• Thank you, Hua, for ushering Rachel through this process. You are not only a talented artist but also a clear-eyed teacher who brings out the best in her students. – Elaine

• One of Nora's artwork in school has been framed and hung in the school hallway. It is the first time that her artwork was chosen to display. Thank you! – Jocelyn

Thank you for being a great teacher! You have really helped them find their creativity. You are kind and patient, we are lucky to know you! -Heidi

We want to thank you for being such a good teacher and role model for John Paul. He loves your class above all others. -Wendy Kapp

• Lauren's teapot drawing got into the U of I art show! … Lauren was so excited when she got the e-mail notifying her. She jumped a foot off of the computer chair with her arms up in the air and a squeal of delight! Thanks for helping her with that!!! – Carolyn






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