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Art Lesson Policies


Re-enrollment Because studio space is limited, and families' schedules change, please re-enroll or re-comfirm for the coming semester if you would like to continue. I will send a notice ahead of time.

Missed or to be missed lessons If for any reason a student can’t attend a lesson, the lesson will still be charged since the space has already been reserved. However, make-up lessons can always be scheduled at no cost. I prefer that any make-up lessons be done within the same semester.

Scheduling make-up lessons Please email me to arrange make-up lessons. Unexpected last-minute students might disrupt the normal flow of a class, and create unnecessary stress for everyone - especially if more than one student pops in at the same time without any notice.

Ways to make up a lesson 1. Propose a few time slots that might work for your schedule; 2. Ask to take two lessons back to back on the same day when your student is taking a lesson; 3. Ask if a sibling or a friend could share a lesson with your student (if space allows).

Drop-off time Please try to arrive no more than 5 minutes before the lesson starts. If you are early, please stay in the car or wait outside the studio. For safety reasons, please don’t leave your child outside the studio unsupervised. I am not responsible for a parent or caregiver’s negligence.

Pick-up time Please pick up your child on time so the next class can proceed without interruption. If you are consistently late, I will be forced to charge you for extra time, $1 per minute you are late.

Refunds are possible if the lessons aren't a good fit for your student. Please request a refund ahead of time so I could adapt the lesson plan accordingly for the rest of the students, and have time to contact those on the wait list. Refunds take effect on the day I get your email request; I would appreciate any feedback for the sake of helping to improve my teaching in the future.

The best way to reach me Email is the most reliable and efficient way for me to get back to you. My cell phone is 217-377-7477 in case you need to call or text. Please make sure to identify yourself as the parent of the student in your message.

Please don’t sell cookies, pies, etc. in the studio since I still have many leftovers from last year(!).

By enrolling your student into the program, you accept these policies.

(January 2024)



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