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Art Lesson Policies


Missing and make-up lessons - If for any reason a student can’t attend a lesson, this lesson will still be charged since the space has already been reserved. However, make-up lessons can be easily scheduled at no cost. It might be a good idea to schedule the make-up lessons on public holidays, since there might be more available space on those days; you can also consider taking two lessons back-to-back in one day. Please try to make up all the missed lessons during the same semester, since they won’t be credited to the following semester.

Drop-off time - Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the lesson starts. If you have to be early, please stay in the car or wait outside the studio in the front or the backyard. For safety reasons, please don’t leave your child outside the studio unsupervised. I am not responsible if anything unfortunate happens due to parent’s/caregiver’s negligence.

Pick-up on time - Please pick up your child on time so the next class can proceed without interruption. If you have to be late, please come in from the backdoor of the studio to pick up your child. If you are consistently late I will be forced to charge you for extra time, one dollar per minute you are late.

Email is the most reliable and efficient way for me to get back to you. I usually check my emails around noon and late evening. My cell phone is 217-377-7477 just in case there is an emergency.

Please don’t sell cookies, pies, etc. in the studio since I still have many leftover from last year (!).


By enrolling your child into the program, you accept these policies.





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