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Hua Nian
The Heart of the Sun
9" x 11"

Printed by Stanford University Solar Center 1999


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The series Messages From Nature was inspired by my husband Steve Taylor, a composer as well as a enthusiast of space science. He was working on a piece called "Shattering Suns," in which he explored the dynamic source of all manifestations of nature. Part of the piece uses a recording of the Sun’s "voice," seismic vibrations recorded by scientists and adapted to the range of human audibility. When he played for me the sound of the sun’s vibration, for the first time in my life I heard the voice of the sun–so close, so alive, so strong yet steady, so reliable and sincere... I felt like I was embraced by the Sun’s warm breath, or inside his chest to hear his beating heart...

The common knowledge we have about the Sun and the scenery we see everyday have blocked us from having a spiritual relationship with the Sun. We all know we can’t live without it; however, we take for granted what it has been giving to us generously since the earth was born. I was indifferent to the Sun’s existence until I heard his voice–that made me really want to touch him and feel the blazing heat. I was stunned when listening to his voice, deeply experiencing his real existence, and was thrilled to think about the personal relationship between the Sun and nature, nature and me, me and the Sun...

Overwhelmed by these feelings, a body of watercolor/pastel paintings was made in a few days. If Steve’s music is about the majestic moment of creation in space, these paintings are close-ups of the creations themselves, in which colors, shapes, lines and dots in every corner celebrate the dynamic beauty, mystery, and freedom of nature. The messages of creation imbue the whole universe.

- Hua Nian



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